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Pinball FX2 SKIDROW Full Oyun iNDiR VipTR

Pinball FX2 SKIDROW Full Oyun iNDiR VipTR

“If you have ever enjoyed a Pinball game, you simply must get Pinball FX2¨

An XboxHornet review by WDesm.

Pinball FX2 is not a sequel to the original Pinball FX. It is an evolution, much like Rock Band 2 was improved in nearly every way by Rock Band 1. The comparison isn’t forced, however, and is made even more apt by the sales model that Zen Studios has adopted for their sequel: It’s impossible to purchase Pinball FX1 for XBLA now, and the entirety of the original game is featured as tables in the sequel. Don’t worry; any tables you’ve already purchased are already paid for, you won’t need to buy them again.Vipmerkezi.Net İyi Eğlenceler Diler..

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